Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love, Surviving

Yet another picture that inspired me to write a poem was the one shown below. The picture was taken the weekend before Troy died, and shows him and Shanna relaxing at the Gulf of Mexico, at a condominium belonging to a friend, and enjoying each other in as awesome a display of spousal love and contentment as I've ever seen.

I got this picture a few days after Troy had died, and marveled at the love, joy, and faith reflected in both Troy and Shanna. Such a love, I figured, would outlive the passing on of one of the two of them.

There's simply no way it won't carry on in the family. And I can tell you for sure: It is.

Those thoughts flooded my mind as I contemplated the picture, and what follows is the result thereof. It's an acrostic, spelling out Troy's name, and as always, click on the image to enlarge it to a more readable scale.

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