Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hannah and the Sea

One of the poems I wrote for the Smith family, in response to the photos Troy shared with me, dealt with a photo of their daughter, Hannah, standing on the cruise ship and staring out the window. It so fascinated me that I literally stared at it for hours, over a week or so, until I wrote the poem that follows.

I think it's important that folks know they're counting for Christ, and that happened with this photo. One commenter on my website, in commenting on a post that featured the picture included in the poem, said the following:

"If I didn't know better, I would say that is my oldest girl staring out that window (looks JUST like her). Combine that with what the post is about and you have a father who will go home today and appreciate and love his family even more."

Still, today, God touches me, somehow, some way, every time I read the following. My hope is He will touch you, too. It's an acrostic, spelling out her name, and remember, if it's too small to read, just click on the image and it'll enlarge to an easily readable size.

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