Sunday, April 8, 2012

I have previously written, and posted here, four poems written specifically for Troy & Shanna Smith, both before and after Troy's death from cancer. In the poem entitled "A Love That Survives", I mentioned that Shanna would, over time, develop new interests and new friends. And that new things would happen, and old pains would fade.

Well, that did, indeed, happen. At a grief recovery group meeting a few years ago, she met Jim Swimelar, and over time love bloomed between them. A week ago yesterday, they married at FBC Pelham, in the most moving, fitting, and awesome ceremony I have ever witnessed.

While they were away on their honeymoon, I was inspired to write the following, which I presented to Shanna this morning at church. I believe she appreciated it.

As usual, click on the picture/poem to enlarge it.

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